Scribbling #13

The 4 year old asked for an ice-cream,

The parents bought it without a second thought,

She ate it full with a smile,

it was the first time that she is getting an ice cream without a battle.

After an hour, she went on anesthesia with a smile.

Parents waited in the corridor with a box full of ice cream,

and the prayer to turn the 1% of chance of success to zen percent life.

After hours, the corridor was filled with tears and smell of melted ice cream.

The letter.

He was feeling empty and stranded by the chaos,

He was left alone by the choices and priorities,

Nothing helps him to move forward,

He searched for the pen and his notepad to get lost in the world of words,

There he found a letter,

A letter waiting for him to open,

The letter was there for about a week now.

It was from her,

the one who was with him from so long,

for him, she existed in letters.

And here is another one,

He started reading;

“We breathe words and we live in letters, so here is another one and it says LIVE!”

That made him smile,

Her letters was always like this,

Just a few words or lines, yet powerful to change a man’s mood.

All of a sudden,

His emptiness was filled with words,

He took an Inland and wrote; “Let’s Love and Live!”



Scribbling #12 : The fall

Don’t be sorry.
The knock was beautiful.
The fall was beautiful
And, the crash was much more beautiful
that I’m not able to feel anything now.
People around me say that I’ve became numb.
But it’s not true,
I’m still in the hangover of the fall and crash
which you gifted me.

Scribbling #11

She asked him whether it will hurt so much,

He replied honestly that it will, but it’s worth,

After some minutes, her wail was lingered in the air,

The next moment, his impatience got killed by a newborn baby’s cry,

All of a sudden, the parenthood brought a smile on his tensed face,

The moment which they waited for long,

The moment which turned them from couples to parents.

Scribbling #10

Now or then, once in your life, in the midst of your life’s journey, love will catch you, unaware, illuminating the dark corners of your mind, fills your soul with joy. Then, take it with all your heart and love truly breaking all the boundaries, and at some point or the other, it will make you realize that it is the biggest revolution in this world.
So, keep aside the fears and fight for what you love, You’re a revolutionist..

Scribbling #9

Dear Someone out there,

Always think before you do something,

or before you make some new choices.

Because, your choice can transform a hero into a villain

and a villain into a hero.

And, life is not like what we see in movies.

Real life is not made up of heroes and villains,

just some ordinary people making choices they have to life with.

And, the hero of your choice won’t be that good as you seen on movies

and the villain could simply kill the hero in some point or the other. 😉


A hero/villain by choice.

Being a Villain!


When we read or hear the word Villain, there is always a movie character which pop-ups to our mind. May be the best villain a movie world have ever seen. We all love some villain for one or many reasons. The thing is, why we love those villains? Do we have traces of them deep inside our mind? If we were in their shoes, we would do the same as they did?
I always believe that the heroes are overrated and the villains are underrated.
We don’t know what made them villains. No one have ever said the story behind a villain. It’s true that “A Villain is a victim whose story hasn’t been told”. We all have a villain deep inside us, the time when we get knocked down or somebody leave us between madness and death or we get stabbed with betrayal, we all will rise again as a villain. A villain not to harm the whole world, but to seek revenge on those people who made us fall down. In one way or the other, everyone is playing a villain role in someone’s life. Some villains are only following what others says, some are just villains for the ones they love, some seek revenge, power, wealth and the list goes endless. We all are villains, we can be heroes only when people are good to us, the moment it changes, we do change to the villain mode. Some people play it so hard that we can’t figure out whether they are heroes or villains. The best are those who are villain and the reigning king at the same time.

Now, what I want to tell you is that, at some point of life, we will realize that we are becoming a villain, at that particular moment, just accept the fact. Thinking that ignorance is bliss is such a nonsense which will keep us mad. Just be a good villain. 😉 Be a villain for the justice which you or someone around you are denied. Don’t be a villain as it’s your job. Rather, be a villain for justice, love and life.

“Every Villain is a hero in his own mind”